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B-17 "Flying Fortress"


B-17 "Flying Fortress" 44-83690


The B-17 “Flying Fortress” is one of the most famous airplanes in history. You can help save one of these magnificent machines. This B-17, serial number 44-83690, has been outside for 54 years. The weather has slowly but relentlessly caused damage and decay. With your help, the Museum of Aviation can preserve this airplane from the weather and make it a worthy tribute to our heritage.


During World War II, thousands of brave men risked their lives in B-17s while flying long, dangerous bombing missions high over enemy territory. The ten-man crews endured freezing temperatures, anti-aircraft fire, and enemy fighters. They took the fight to the enemy and helped win the war.


Over 12,000 B-17s were built but today they are rare, and they face other enemies—weather and indifference. You understand the importance of preserving history and educating rising generations about the price of freedom.


By helping to preserve and restore this B-17, you will honor our veterans and inspire people today and in the future about our aviation heritage. Think of the people you will be able to affect through this airplane!


Help us save this B-17! You can make a difference!

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B-17 “Flying Fortress” Fund
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B-17 “Flying Fortress” Fund
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